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Joint Stock Company «Almatyinzhstroy» for more than 50 years to keep reputation of reliable construction company. The principle of quality construction was built from establishment of the holding in 1961. At that time it was called specialized state trust «Almaataspetsstroy». Now «Almatyinzhstroy» - large construction company, which has more than 23 branches and affiliated companies in different regions of Kazakhstan. There were built dozens of large and ambitious projects in a half of century.

Quality and durability - the main criteria of construction company choosing. The same principles guide «Almatyinzhstroy» holding. Main and ultimate goal of the company - to make comfortable life of Kazakhstan people and to leave a mark in construction of Our Rebuplic.

icon6Management of the


Bronislav Sergeyevich Shin,
Chairman of the Board

Has been working in the Holding Almatyingstroy for over 40 years. In 1969 he was hired as a worker, he had moved through all career stages: foreman, construction site supervisor, job superintendent, chief engineer of the construction department, deputy manager of the group. In 1989 he was elected director of the Group Almatyingstroy. From 1990 to March 2008 he was the General Director of JSC Almatyingstroy, and from March 2008 to the present day has been the Chairman of the Board. Mr Shin’s successful career is the result of his high professionalism, ambition, integrity, competent and efficient resolution of any business issues. All these qualities were manifested in the difficult period of transition of Kazakhstan economy to market relations. During that period many enterprises closed. But owing to competent management of Mr. Shin JSC Almatyingstroy not only retained its working collective and equipment, but was able to expand business throughout the country

Serik Yesserkenovich Orazbayev,
Member of the Board of Directors

Has been working in JSC Almatyingstroy system since September 1973. He started his working career as a mechanic. Later he became a construction site supervisor, job superintendent, head of the Department of Mechanized Work No.3, Director of the representative office of JSC Almatyingstroi in Atyrau. In 2008 he was elected General Director of JSC Almatyingstroi. At present Mr. Orazbayev is the Head of the Holding Companies in Atyrau and is a member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Orazbaev was awarded honorary certificates and recognition letters time and again. He was rewarded with the Order «Kurmet» in 2010, the title «Honorary Constructor of Kazakhstan» in 2008, badge of honor «Dankty Kurylysshi» in 2009.

Askhat Кashkinbayevich Chilikbayev,
General Director

Has been working in JSC Almatyingstroy system since 2006. He started his working career as the chief engineer in the Company Almatydorstroy LLP. Then he was appointed Director of this company. In 2012 Mr. Chilikbayev became Deputy General Director on Operations of JSC Almatyingstroy. In 2013 became the Executive Director. In 2014 he was elected General Director of JSC Almatyingstroy. In 2012 Mr. Chilikbayev was awarded the honorary title «Honorary Constructor of Kazakhstan». He was also rewarded with honorary certificate of Akim of Almaty.

Technical resources::

“Almatyinzhstroy” holding has large supply of road construction equipment.
Road equipment includes lifting, digger, truck and special equipment.

Name Total:: Name Total::
1 Excavator 54 18 Cement truck 4
2 Bulldozer 33 19 Bitumen 2
3 Crane tower 21 20 Autotower 3
4 Auto crane 27 21 Crusher 3
5 Motion cranes 10 22 Rattle 5
6 Roller 51 23 Concrete-mixing plant 2
7 Loader 46 24 High-discharge mixer 10
8 Motor grader 15 25 Bus 21
9 Asphalt spreading machine 10 26 Binder distributor 5
10 Concrete-placing machine 2 27 Frame crane 1
11 Special equipment 104 28 Water carrier 7
12 Dumper 149 29 Moveable compressor 12
13 Trailer 22 30 Rig 2
14 Gas-tank truck 7 31 Asphalt factories 4
15 On board machinery 25 32 Concrete mixing station 2
16 Road cutter 5 33 Automobile and bus 131
17 Autoconcrete pump 2 Total: 810